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Customized Facial Rejuvenation


Rejuvenating the mind, body and soul is the best way to say young! Take some time for yourself and enjoy deep relaxing treatments to repair the skin and educate the muscles for a younger healthier you!

My spa features an individual extra-padded spa bed to offer stress-free comfort during each undisturbed session. From the relaxing aromatherapy, the soft lighting to the sounds of ocean waves, you’ll find a relaxed environment that enhances your overall experience. My clients say it’s “quiet, comfortable and calm,” and “it’s like an escape from the world when I’m in Sandee’s hands,” not to mention my favorite saying from those deeply relaxed clients at the end of the session when I slowly raise the bed for seating up ease, which is, “No-o-o, can I stay here longer?”

“Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life.”

Clothes, handbags and shoes will come and go with styles, but your face will always be on you! Think about how many times you have been complimented on your outfit and not so much on your “glowing skin”. Well, it’s time to change that. Using the tools or modalities needed to re-educate the muscles of the face, I will help hydrate and feed your skin then finish with a polished look that gives you a youthful glow, more lifted cheekbones and an open yet relaxed eye area.


What is your skin eating? Yes, the products you use outside of your skin are as important as what you put inside. I offer only top of the line skincare products and these are available for your home convenience.

We have product lines featuring organics as well as botanical-based ingredients for the best home care to continue your treatments and maintain optimum results.


Who am I, and why do I totally LOVE what I do?

After years of outside sales in the dental industry, I was facing the fact I was 46, not feeling as youthful and not truly enjoying my professional direction. So, I took a short leave and enrolled in an Esthetic school to figure out how to stay younger longer. It turns out, I absolutely LOVE helping people feel good about the way they look and the sense of well-being. I get excited when a client looks in the mirror and is “wow’d” when they leave - looking refreshed, rejuvenated and renewed!

Women or men, who are ready to make changes in their life, (without surgery or expensive treatments), but looking for relaxing and rejuvenating facial therapy, are my favorite clients. Microcurrent is my fountain of youth, along with Radio Frequency and Massage. There are my preferred treatments to make you look and stay younger longer.

My goal is to help your skin to stay healthy and younger looking with non-aggressive treatments for longer lasting results.

My goal is to help your skin to stay healthy and younger looking with non-aggressive treatments for longer lasting results.