Cryskin Treatment

Introducing Cryoskin

Feel restored and see results immediately! This is a non-invasive treatment for slimming and toning the face, arms, stomach, thighs, legs and back. Also, each short treatment time takes only 20 or 30 minutes and requires no down-time afterwards. Started in Paris, France, these series of treatments targeting specific areas and can help jumpstart you into maintaining a healthy diet/exercise regimen by seeing a positive difference instantly. Book your treatments now!

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CryoSlimming uses advanced technology that alternates between skin warming and cooling, without discomfort and recovery time. This will last for six months with 3-6 sessions recommended for optimum results.



CryoToning utilizes only cold temperature that causes vasodilation in the treated areas, increasing production of collagen and breaking down cellulite. Results can last 4-5 weeks with 3-6 sessions recommended.


CryoSkin Facial

CryoSkin Facial focuses on the facial area applying cold treatment that, along with collagen production, reduced pores size, improves elasticity and decreased appearance of wrinkles.